Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wasted crops

Fields of crops often have strips of flattened crops where the farmer has driven his tractor to spray the crops. This obviously creates waste. A solution would be an automated unmanned crop spraying helicopter.

Using pre-definied GPS coordinates this helicopter would spray an area, occasionally returning to its base station to refuel and take on more spray.

Baby zorber

Babies benefit from exercise; parents don't benefit from constant supervision. How can these two be reconciled?

Put the baby in a small zorb on a concave roller bed (bed of ball bearings). It can crawl as much as it likes but it's not going anywhere.

Additionally, a circular screen around the roller bed, coupled with sensors monitoring motion of the balls, would allow the baby to explore a virtual world.

It may even be possible to generate a small amount of electricity from the movement of the ball bearings, which would help power the screen.

Every silver lining has a cloud

Having something you really like to do makes doing the things you don't like doing worse. Is it better to have that something or not?