Saturday, 15 December 2007

USB spy chopper

I'm writing this post, because this is what I want for Christmas (read Winterval). The only problem is, it's not been invented. Yet.

The idea comes from the picooz, a mini remote controlled helicopter, which looks like a fun present. The only problem is, once you're flown it once, it looks like it'll be a little boring. What I want is a picooz with some function. Enter choppercam. The only problem is that this is a little expensive.

So what I want is a picooz with built-in wireless webcam. The picooz is flown via software on your computer (laptop for ease of transport) and charged via a usb base station (with transmitter/receiver) - possibly through induction so no connector (usb charged means no ridiculous number of AA batteries!). Rather than looking at the chopper while it's flying, you fly based on what you see via the webcam on your computer screen.

I would suggest two flight modes, one gives free control. Under the other, the chopper hovers until it receives an instruction from the following list:
  • ascend/decend Xcm
  • advance/retreat Xcm
  • turn Xo clockwise/anticlockwise
This would allow for greater control while taking covert footage. Obviously, the video feed would be saved to the hard disk for upload to utube (or equivalent). Some movement control of the camera would also be advantageous in this mode.

The flying software would have a battery level indicator allowing the pilot to return from the covert mission before falling out of the air.

Of course the usb-RC concept could be extended to:
  • infra-red/foam dart battling copters
  • RC cars, tanks (infra-rad/foam dart), boats, robots, planes, submarines etc
  • some kind of plane with a bomb-bay door that would allow dropping eggs!
Here's a picture to help communicate the concept:

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