Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Personal diaster planning

Businesses do it. Governments do it. Why don't individuals and families plan for disaster? Or are they just relying on businesses and government?

What people need is a template to make it easy: a list of eventualities and a list of countermeasures that people can pick and chose from.

The list of eventualities may include: loss of employment; unexpected pregnancy; divorce; death (oneself or family); damage to house (fire, flood, etc); moving house; theft of key assets (e.g car); loss of savings (e.g. bank goes bad); negative equity; larger civic disasters (Katrina-type flooding; earthquake; tidal wave; meteor; nuclear holocaust).

The list of countermeasures may include: insurance; savings (spread between several institutions); reciprocal temporary accomodation arrangements with friends and family.

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