Monday, 13 September 2010

Test the kids labels

I saw a role of cling film the other day and it said it was 50m long by 300mm wide. I tried to calculate the area of cling film in my head. The answer is of course 15m2. But I thought "wouldn't it be great if whilst you were out shopping, or when using products around the house, you could have ready-prepared questions to ask the kids about the products they (or you) are using". These would be part of the label for the product. Almost all products have weights and measurements, which lend themselves very well to testing kids maths. Another example that springs to mind is "this carton contains 1l of milk. If Billy has 200ml twice, and Jane has 75ml three times, how much milk is left".

I think such a series of labels would be a very successful PR exercise for supermarkets own brands.

Obviously, the labels would need to have the answers too, for those adults whose confidence in their mathematical ability is weaker.

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