Sunday, 1 April 2012

Routing vehicles in parking lots

One advantage of connected cars with in-car displays (particularly head-up displays) will be the ability for a parking lot computer to automatically designate each car a parking space on entry to the parking lot, and route the vehicle to that space. This could be done to give the driver a space as close to the shop/building entrance or elevator as possible, and to control traffic flow within the parking lot.

The driver would see on-screen directions to the parking space (with content provided wirelessly from the parking lot computer), and warnings if the car is not being parked in the correct space.

Sensors would be needed in each space (e.g. magnetic field) to determine whether the space is occupied.

Such a system could also be linked with the billing function to charge drivers exactly proportional to their stay length.

Disabled drivers would need to be routed to the disabled spaces.

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