Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pay to communicate to

How much would you pay to communicate with someone you know-of but don't know, if you could be guaranteed that they would read the message? For a fairly large proportion of the population, the answer to that question is more than zero. So there's a business model in here somewhere.

Users would pay a fee to communicate with any person (recipient) set up on the system. The price would be  dependent on market rate, i.e. more for popular people, such as to reduce the volume to a level that the recipients would cope with. The recipients signing up for the service would guarantee to read (or watch, or listen to, etc) a certain number of messages per month.

It might also be interesting to introduce the option for a (possibly partial) refund for relevant communication, i.e. messages that the recipient actually benefitted from receiving. There would likely be sufficient unwanted messages in the service that such a costs of refunds could be born, and the chance of a refund for relevant communication would also stoke demand in the user-base.

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