Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Crowd-decided RPG outcomes

There is potentially an opportunity for a web/social/online service to add depth and originality to tabletop role playing games by allowing the crowd to contribute to key game decisions.

When player a game the Games Master would submit to the web site a particular scenario in the game, and would suggest several options for the outcome of that scenario. Users of the website would vote on those outcomes, and submit their own outcomes, which could also be voted on.

The GM would set the minimum votes required, or the timelimit for the decison to be made. And would provide the website users with a short after-action report.

The benefit to the gamers would be an infusion of original, unpredictable outside influence into their playing experience. The benefit to the web users would be the fun of controlling the destiny of the game and the characters, the insights to the scenarios that Games Masters are dreaming up, and the opportunity to submit (and receive votes for) original ideas.

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