Sunday, 29 December 2013

Random connections: Carbon nanotubes and toileteries

This post is the first in a planned series of posts on random connections. The concept for the series is that invention often arises from the combination of concepts that might not otherwise be linked. As a result it is hypothesised that by selecting two or more "things" at random and then thinking about them, novel invention may arise.

The two "things" to be connected are: carbon nanotubes; toiletries

The first idea that came to me was whether could be used coat toothbrush bristles with nanobristles. These nanobristles would potentially need to be fibres made of multiple nanotubes in order to reach a size and strength that would be useful in removing tartar, etc.

Another interesting thought, though not really an idea as such, is that carbon nanotube synthesis could become cheap enough that disposable items such as toilet paper would be made out of it. Carbon nanotube toilet paper could be engineered to be lighter (saving fuel in transportation), stronger, more absorbant, etc. And potentially engineered to degrade after a specified time to reduce the environmental impact of waste.

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Adam Nicholls said...

Honestly if it became cheap enough then think that it would be used for a smaller toiletry that needs cleaning properties (because nanotubes are really good for that kind of use) like floss.