Saturday, 2 January 2016

Structuring notes with time

Consider the following two scenarios:

  • you write a diary, in which every now and then you write something about your objectives
  • you have a list of objectives that you add to every now and again

The former scenario is less structured. Whilst it might be possible to search the diary for entries containing text about career objectives (or use tags), there may be duplication in the results, or incompleteness. And the data is unlikely to be in exactly the same format (unless some kind of standard format is specified in advance).

The latter scenario doesn't (generally) have time information, which inhibits the ability to track how one's objectives change over time. Even if the objective list was actually a table with two fields, objective and date added, that still wouldn't capture whether the objective made the list at each review point over time.

Is there a general name for this type of problem?

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