Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Oral/Computer RPG

Although I've not played Dungeons and Dragons since the age of 15, I have always been fond of the idea of people creating their own fantasy escapism. The advantage over computer RPG is of course the flexibility of having the world's creator (i.e. the DM) at hand to respond to the player. But how to bring computer games' advantages (graphics, computational complexity) to the tabletop player?

A hybrid system would use computers to model aspects of the games, but not the entire world.
Ideally this would use a laptop with accessory screen/projector allowing the DM to switch of the main screen to edit the world and see character stats.

For example, the DM narates the story of the characters travelling. He then clicks a button on the computer (a random encounter test). If the party meets the encounter, the DM loads the encounter with pre-designed scenery and monsters. The players can then see what they're fighting and the environment they're fighting in.

Another advantage of this system is that stats could be modelled as numbers without the player knowing the exact number. Each stat would have description brackets so the DM can communicate with the PCs without letting them know the numbers. e.g. Strength 1-5 => pitifully low.

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