Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Are touchscreen tablet computers the ultimate childrens toy?

I think so. A waterproof, ruggedised (chewing-proof and drop-proof) tablet could be introduced to children from a very young age (before talking and walking). For the youngest, the screen displays colours, patterns and shapes, and responds to touch (via the touchscreen), sound (via a microphone) and movement (via a webcam and accelerometer). The software could "learn" the child's preferences, for example if the colour orange generates more input from the child then the software uses this colour more often.

As the child ages, the tablet can be switched to different modes. For the toddler, the tablet provides games (e.g. name the object), jigsaws, drawing. The colour be selected from a menu with big "buttons" that the child learns to understand.

For the older child, the tablet can revert to how and adult would use it, with a standard operating system, wifi, browser, learning applications, and games. One toy could last through all stages of development. And it's longevity would justify the cost.


adreama said...

In addition to the patterns and colours on the screen, the tablet can output sounds, again responsive to the actions of the child.

adreama said...

Has now been done:


A couple of further thoughts:

An optional accessory would be a screen dock that holds the tablet above or in front of the baby in cribs, prams, car seats, etc.