Sunday, 20 June 2010

Custom bikes

There are three points of contact between people and bikes: the seat; the handlebars; and the peddles. Bikes typically allow adjustment of the seat post height and, to a much lesser extent, the handlebars. In both cases these adjustments are in a constricted motion relative to the peddles.

I envisage a bike fitting device for shops that allows the seat, handlebars and peddles to be moved independently of each other to attain the perfect arrangement (and height off the ground) for the customer. This would work by attaching the seat, handlebars and peddles to adjustable supports on the walls/floor. The shop staff can adjust the location of all three points of contact and then the customer can peddle away (connected to a flywheel [or generator - free energy from your customers!] to simulate the force required) and see if it is comfortable. When the customer is happy with the arrangement, the measurements are taken, then sent away to be custom manufactured.

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