Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Smart appliances

I want my fridge to be smart so that when I leave the door open (detected by door sensor) or the temperature increases for some other reason (detected by temperature sensor) I can get alerted to this, by an audible alarm or email. But I also want it to be programmable, so that I choose the conditions under which it alerts me: I don't want a bunch of alert emails just because I've been loading the fridge with the product of that week's shopping trip.

Similarly, the oven. I want alerts (audible and email) to tell me I've left the oven or hob on. But I want to choose the conditions under which I get them. I don't want alerts because I've left a slow-cooking dish on all day.

Also, ovens could deliver novel cooking instructions. Rather than the standard 200oC for 2 hours, the instructions might be 100oC for one hour, increasing to 200oC linearly over the next hour.

User control/customisability is key.

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