Monday, 30 January 2012

Business combinations: driving school; vehicle hire; taxi firm; delivery service

  • fleet of vehicles
  • staff of drivers (and driving instructors)
  • vehicle scheduling and communication staff and systems
  • yard for storing vehicles
  • contract for vehicle maintenance
  • taxis/driving instructors do deliveries when they have downtime (as driving instructors would demand a premium as they are better qualified, they would only be used to handle peak demand, which would be more efficient than having overcapacity of delivery drivers and vehicles)
  • run vehicles 24x7, e.g. a car that is used for driving school during the day is used for a taxi service at night (vehicle choice is important as taxis tend to be larger than driving school vehicles, with the former selected for legroom and luggage capacity and the latter selected for parkability and fuel economy)
  • bulk vehicle servicing contract, or own a mechanics shop for cheaper maintenance costs
  • schedule deliveries with the pickup and drop-off locations of driving instructors and taxis

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