Sunday, 29 January 2012

An online tool for image quizzes

I think there is an opportunity for an online tool/website for image quizzes that allows users to create their own image quizzes using images that can upload or find on the internet (subject to copyright considerations), and have these hosted on the site. There would also be a login, so learners could track their progress.

There would be two key types of quiz: ones in which the learner can be asked to click on an area of the image that corresponds to a particular definition (e.g. click on the USA on a map of the world; click on Arizona on a map of the USA); and ones in which the learner can be shown an image with a label, and can select from mulitple choice the correct answer for that label (e.g. the label points at the hard disk on an image of the inside of a computer, and the learner can pick from "hard disk", "CPU", "RAM", "PSU", etc).

Additionally, instead of just one image with components, sets of images could be used (e.g. Presidents of the USA).

The flexibility in allowing users to upload images an create their own quizzes would make this a valuable tool for educators everywhere. There are also a couple of spin-offs: having images with machine-readable labels (which would be created as part of the quizzes) would in itself be a valuable tool as this data could be searched; similarly, the data input by users could be used to teach computers image recognition, and improve image search engines.

Another possible way of using this concept would be to use image interpretation as an alternative to recaptcha. Like recaptcha, two images are presented, one that the computer knows the correct interpretation of, the other which it doesn't. The captcha bit works on the image the computer knows, and the other image and associated response, is used to teach computers image recognition.

Other thoughts/features:
  • Public/private quizzes
  • Link to social media sites (with scores)
  • Embed in your own webpage
  • Produce stand-alone files to be emailed or used offline
  • ‘Email quiz to a friend’ emails link or file
  • False answers
  • Categorisation – tags
  • Edit/Modify/Extend other people’s imagequizzes

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