Sunday, 22 July 2012

Driving video upload

Driving camera/recorder (or helmet cam for bikers) + automated video upload + free video hosting + licence plate recognition => safer drivers

Driving cameras/recorders (i.e. in-car cameras that video the road ahead or multiple angles from the car) are becoming more prevalent, with a focus on providing evidence in the event of a collision. But the combination of driving cameras, automated video upload, free video hosting and licence plate recognition technology could prove to be an interesting combination

License plate recognition would allow vast quantities of video data to be used by insurance companies assessing whether to insure drivers and what premium to charge, and by law enforcement agents both proactively looking for criminal activity, or looking for evidence of previous history to support a driving case.

The likely impact will be to encourage drivers to drive more safely, saving lives. But perhaps the step towards Orwellianism is uncomfortable.

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