Sunday, 23 December 2012

Social network cafe

Whilst smartphones (and smaller tablets) are getting better for checking social networks on the go, there is as yet no substitute for the larger screen real estate of laptops, desktops and larger tablets. As such their is an opportunity for social networks to create cafes where people come and can use a laptop/desktop/tablet to use the social network. The laptops/desktops/tablets would need to be tethered to the tables to prevent theft, and would need robust security to prevent account hacking.

The advantage to the consumer would be free access to larger screen real-estate computers on the go. The advantage to the social network would be to gather significant amounts of real-world user-experience data: mouse and keyboard logging; video of the user's activity; etc. Obviously this snooping would need to be disclosed to the cafe users, but it would not be an unfair trade-off. Particularly if the price of coffee was right!

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