Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Effervescent tablets as an alternative to squash

An advantage of squash over other soft drinks is that much of the water content is provided at point-of-use, and therefore is not transported. Hence lower transport cost, and smaller environmental impact.

I wonder whether it's possible to take this concept further, and package squash into effervescent tablets. Such tablets are already extensively used to deliver medicine and dietary products. Consumers would drop one or more tablets (depending on glass size) into a glass of water, resulting in a flavored drink.


Adam Nicholls said...

Was thinking about this today for some reason. So decided to look to see if they existed and saw this first. Your blog has some very interesting ideas ideas. After I read some of your other stuff, which I found really interesting. Then I found out that this is practically what berocca is. Though I'm sure that they could be made in a less expensive way.

adreama said...

Hi Adam, thanks for reading. I was aware of berocca when writing the original post, that's what I meant by "dietary product". But typically people don't drink berocca as a flavoured drink but at a dietary supplement. It's also extortionately expensive. As you say, I'm pretty sure it should be possible to make an equivalent to berocca targeted at the drinks market as cheaply as squash.

adreama said...

And now it's a prize winning idea, winning Global Grad Show 2018. Admitted the Twenty concept is household products rather than squash, but the underlying motivation, saving transport costs, is the same.