Sunday, 30 June 2013

Baby pod

There are some good gadgets out there to keep babies entertained and happy, but have we gone far enough in designing the perfect baby care and entertainment system? Here are some requirements for a "baby pod" a device to hold, move and entertain babies:

The platform

  • A mattress/cushion or hammock-style (i.e. shaped fabric) container to hold the baby


  • Rotation
  • Rocking side-to-side
  • Rocking forward-backward
  • Movement up and down
  • Vibration
  • Combinations of the above movements programmable

  • Audio
  • Video (webcam)
  • Movement sensor (e.g. Kinect)
  • Heart rate (perhaps via Bluetooth enabled smart clothing)
  • Eye tracking
  • Temperature
  • (As much other biological monitoring as feasible)

Sensory inputs
  • Audio
  • Touch screen (see also this on tablets) (but controversial)
  • Multi-jointed robot arm holding various objects (like a mobile), able to move those objects in multiple dimensions
  • The ability to infer the baby's preferences from the monitoring (e.g. heart rate, eye tracking) and respond accordingly. For example, if the screen shows a set of images and the eye tracking indicates that these images are stimulating to the baby, this information is storage, and these images are subsequently used when monitoring inputs indicate that the baby is bored. As another example, the optimum set of movements to calm the baby when unhappy can be determined through trial and error.

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adreama said...

Other features:
- Heater to keep baby warm
- Heart beat vibration sensor
- Microphone with audio processing to detect breathing sound and movement