Sunday, 10 April 2011

Further thoughts on online media

I posted previously about what I want from an online media service. I have a couple of points to add:
  • Another form of media in the same place: games (interactive media)
  • A couple of other payment models: free; and ad supported
  • The media service must facilitate direct upload by any content creator, even if that's one man in his room with a microphone
In terms of a value chain, there are really only four contributers (at least in the simplest model): the creator creates the content; the host provides access to that content; the promoters promote it; the internet service provider provides access to it. However, the promoters can just be word of mouth (i.e. free), as can the creators in some instances. The host may be compensated by advertising revenues; the internet service provider is likely to need to be paid (to cover the costs of maintaining the network).

For the consumers' convenience, a monopoly is ideal (i.e. all media in one place - no need to traipse around the world wide web looking for who hosts the content you want to see). However, this would place enormous power in the hands of that monopoly. As such it may be optimal to have the service provider as a not-for-profit (cost recovery) pan-industry joint venture with significant regulatory oversight.

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