Friday, 8 April 2011

How to counter Apple stylistically

To beat Apple at its own game, its competitors need to stop immitating and create a range of products that are instantly recognisable as theirs. What is needed is a full frontal assault on Apple's stylistic dominance of consumer electronics.

For example, a computer, phone and tablet making company should launch a full range of steampunk inspired consumer electronic devices. The range would be instantly identifiable as such. It would feature brass, wood and rivets. The devices would come in boxes lined with velvet (or fake equivalent). The range itself would need a name, such that it could be the [manufacturer] [range name] range. Perhaps "Age of Elegance" range.

Another stylistic challenge would be a strong grunge/metal/industrial theme, with skulls, spikes, flames, grim reapers, etc.

Sharp should expand on its wooden phone (Touch Wood SH-08C) with a full range of wooden consumer electronic devices.

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