Monday, 22 August 2011

How to remind yourself of things

Say you set yourself a resolution, perhaps to lose weight or to remember to smile. Half of the challenge is remembering to do so. How can you remind yourself? You could put up a sign. But we get desensitised to signs fairly quickly. You could set up a reminder email. But you probably get desensitised to that fairly quickly too.

What is needed is a system that has access to as many of your communication channels as possible, and uses those channels, at random, to remind you of the message.

  • email
  • text message
  • notice board
  • Twitter/Facebook (perhaps just add an entry into your feed)
  • alarm clock sound (with recorded message)
  • billboards (customised billboards are probably coming anyway)
  • ads on web pages you visit
  • post
  • phone call (with recorded message)
  • RSS reader
  • car dash board (not whilst driving)

1 comment:

adreama said...

More channels (anything with a screen): computer; laptop; smartphone; tablet; ereader; e-ink wallpaper; etc