Thursday, 7 June 2012

Turning the sides of buildings into advertising space

I'm sure in the future the sides of every building are supposed to have been turned into advertising space, with every street turned into Times Square. But the occupants still want natural light, so how can both needs be accommodated? Using fine strips of advert on the windowed sides of buildings.

The gaps between the fine strips would be sufficient to allow natural light in, whist the strips (in combination) would be sufficient to provide a discernible image when viewed from a suitable distance. The strips themselves could be light emitting (a string of LEDs for example) or merely reflective (which would only work during the day). An eInk reflective coating would allow the advert to be regularly changed. A combination of both light emitting and reflective techniques might be optimum to allow the adverts to be seen clearly no matter the level of sunlight.

Another advantage of this is that the strips would prevent excessive sunlight, which heats the building and causes increased air conditioning costs.

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