Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Updated knowledge worker value chain and skills of the insight professional

I've updated the knowledge worker value chain with a few more boxes. The notable additions are:
  • not just anticipating requests for information, but anticipating need
  • supporting skills (building and maintaining network of contacts, influencing the decisions of others, delegation)
  • unrequested receipt of information
It's difficult to draw arrows on the graph for supporting skills as they tend to support multiple nodes - the graph would get very busy. For example, maintaining a network principally supports making requests for information (knowing who to ask), and distribution of information (knowing who to give it to).

Graph made with yEd.

Insight professionals

The primary functions of an insight professional are to know information that few people know, to be able to find information that few people can find, and to provide management and leadership. I subscribe to the view that leaderships is about inspiring people, whilst management is about organising people (or other resources).

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