Friday, 10 August 2012

Futurism predictions website

There is great sport on the perennial activity of watching futurists' predictions not come true (after all, where is my jet pack?). But from time to time, futurists' predictions might actually be useful, and amateurs might actually have some good suggestions. The only problem is that this data is scattered across numerous media.

What we need is a website to collate predictions for the future (both those that have already expired, and those that may still be valid). Such a site would all the crowdsource contributers to submit the published predictions of famous predictors (with data such as: date; predictor; source; prediction; prediction date), and also their own predictions.

Predictions could be tagged, categorisation, searched, voted for and discussed. For predictions on the same subject, vote-weighted averages might give a useful insight (then again they may not!).

And of course they great sport of assessment after the fact (with inevitable whinging - actually, forget the jet pack, I want a space elevator...).

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