Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Random paper

Hypothesis: the paper we write on, in particular the line spacing and other pre-printed patterns, affects how we're thinking at the time of writing. A diversity of paper to write would stimulate diverse (creative) thinking.

Idea: random paper - it should be possible, even with a standard dots per inch printer, be able to print paper such that no sheet is ever the same. The pre-printed patterns include: line spacing; line thickness; line width; dots; polygons (regular and irregular); non-horizontal lines; other familiar shapes (e.g. the shapes included in common drawing tools); colours; etc.

Testing the hypothesis: how to measure creativity? One method that has been used before asks a respondent to come up with uses for an object - the more uses the more creative.

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adreama said...

Now done, with a product called Askew by Baron Fig.